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Home Theater

stuwart_todaysIn the past you needed to be rich to afford such luxury. In the last decade this dream has become easily attainable. In the near future, the digital audio/video/electronics revolution will make home theater a central part of most homes.
You don’t need to wait any longer for a home theater!

Our great selection of HDTV, PLASMA, FRONT, & REAR SCREEN TV’s. With brands like In Focus, Richard Gray’s Power Company combined with surround sound receivers from Harmon Kardon and Integra matched to speakers from Sunfire, Speakercraft, TRIAD and Boston Acoustics allow almost unlimited flexibility in non-obsolescent system design.

A direct broadcast satellite system from will give your family the best programming on the planet. Wiring the entire system will get the most from your movies and music. Finally, house the entire system in one of our many stunning furniture selections and your den or living room will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Contact today and see the future of home theater today and begin designing your Home Theater, Home Entertainment or custom home integrated media solution.


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